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An innovative content-delivery and engagement platform

Our content-delivery and engagement platform is perfect for partners who want to provide a valuable service, while also earning an attractive margin. Native to both the iOS and Android platforms, the QuickConnect platform is the most cost-effective, efficient way for enterprises and organizations of all sizes to easily launch and maintain an app.

No Software Development, All the Benefits

Become a QuickSeries distributor partner and get amazing benefits!

Tiered Pricing

Our technology is designed to fit any budget and scale to any size of audiences. Every customer you currently engage with can have their own system. QuickConnect starts as low as $3,300 per year for small businesses to $35,000 for larger enterprises.

Flexible Distributor Margins

Our distributors can take advantage of flexible margin plans tailored to your specific needs.

Turnkey Solution

QuickSeries is responsible for deploying and maintaining the technology. You do not need technical expertise and neither do your customers. We can train your customers and deliver a complete system within a few weeks.

Full, Feature-Rich Solution

We offer over 20 modules and features, and we never stop innovating. All existing customers are upgraded for free when new features are introduced.

In-app Workspaces

Workspaces support clients who need multiple apps or request user management. App administrators have the flexibility to create and publish content to all Workspaces and/or to individual Workspaces.

Proven Systems

Built on the best and most current technology with a 95% client renewal rate and a Service Level Guarantee of 99.9%, the system is always available and deployed on the most reliable Amazon Web Service Cloud redundant platform.

Reliable Technology

We service the most demanding clients in the world and maintain close relationships with various Department of Defense clients as well as major Federal agencies. Your customers will have access to the same reliable technology.

End-to-End Support Process

We provide a complete training and onboarding process. Your customers are assigned a personal Customer Success Agent throughout their relationship with QuickSeries.

Trustworthy Content

We can add content to a customer's app with an affordable licensing offer of over 200 eGuides that can be deployed within hours. We also offer a simple editorial and design service. All content is under the distributor margin of 20%.

Integrate With Your Current Tools

Connect other systems to your app using our public Rest API.

Our API connection allows for greater integration and automation between all your systems, creating a bridge for your data management, and saving time and resources when publishing content.

          const request = require('request');{
  url: `${appId}/events/${moduleId}`,
  formData: {
    title: 'Risus Nullam Cras',
    description: `
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        <h1>Heading 1</h1>
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    start: 'Wed, 16 Nov 2022 19:00:00 GMT',
    end: 'Wed, 16 Nov 2022 22:00:00 GMT',
    timezone: 'America/New_York',

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