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For over 30 years, QuickSeries has helped countless organizations nationwide bring their outreach programs to the next level.
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Reliable content. Innovative delivery.

We make content delivery painless and affordable for organizations of all sizes.

For more than 30 years, we have had a mission to support organizations with dependable, tailored content. We began in the sports world, but soon expanded by providing training materials to Americans across the nation via government agencies at Federal, state, and local levels. QuickSeries is now a top supplier of quick-reference books to the Department of Defense as well as to disaster preparedness and emergency management programs nationwide.

No matter how sprawling our subject areas are, it remains paramount that each message we craft is impactful. Our print products are our bestsellers, but we also focus on software innovation with our custom-built App Platform that was designed with content consumption and retention in mind. Together, we can create an even greater legacy!

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We Meet You Where You Are

A content solution for every audience.

Who are we?

With decades of content creation experience, we have assembled an unrivalled team of dedicated experts in their fields. We are devoted to delivering trustworthy information in the most user-friendly formats.

QuickSeries is made up of the following:

  • Experienced Writers, Editors, and Graphic Designers
  • Talented Software Developers
  • Dedicated Account Managers and Customer Service Specialists
  • Long-lasting partnerships with industry-leading Subject Matter Experts

What do we do?

We listen to the needs of various communities, Program Managers, and Government and Enterprise Professionals and develop advanced content solutions to support their causes.

We skillfully:

  • Create content on a wide range of topics that help communities lead healthier and safer lives.
  • Synthesize content into easy-to-read, concise language.
  • Innovate new product formats - from print to digital including apps and fully integrated systems - to provide Program Managers with a selection of Total Solutions tools that reach a wider audience and target demographics.
  • Help clients easily create affordable custom products from scratch or by incorporating their own content.

Who do we do it for?

We proudly work with numerous client segments - from government and military to public agencies, education systems, and commercial enterprises - within the following fields:

  • Disaster and Security Preparedness
  • Community Safety
  • Professional and Trade Associations (PTA) Member Communication
  • Health and Wellness
  • Home and Workplace Safety
  • The Veteran Experience

Time flies when creating

QuickSeries by the Numbers

After all these years, we are still pushing the boundaries with accomplishments that will only continue to grow. Join us on this remarkable journey as we look at some noteworthy stats!


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Legit content

Our accreditation partners

Along with our team of knowledgeable Writers and Editors, we partner with various respected associations within different industries to write, review and validate our content. Once the content has been approved, we add their logo to the guide as a seal of approval - reassuring you that the information is correct and credible.