Three Reasons You Need a Multilingual Outreach Strategy

Three Reasons You Need A Multilingual Outreach Strategy showing custom print material

At QuickSeries, we have been creating powerful outreach products for over 30 years – in a variety of languages. We're content delivery experts and our versatile formats can be personalized in various ways, including multilingual delivery, to help you achieve program success.

1. Reach New (Or Untapped) Audiences

Offering outreach products in multiple languages will increase your reach as well as open your message up to newcomers in your community. Regardless of language, people as a whole "scan" articles or documents, looking for bolded breadcrumbs to get the gist of what we're consuming. Now, imagine doing that in a language you don't use all the time. It's highly possible that information isn't sinking in or is being misunderstood. People will respond better to something if it's in a language they're comfortable with.

2. Encourage a Stronger Connection to Your Community

Being sensitive to your community's culture and language demonstrates respect and can serve to strengthen your bond with them. If you're making information accessible to them or inviting them to attend an event in the language they speak, it encourages participation, and can reinforce your credibility and authenticity.

3. Build a Diverse Team

Effective outreach can really resonate with people and be instrumental in recruitment and retention efforts. Communicating your program's goals, vision and mission in the different languages spoken in your community allows for new voices and perspectives that could lead to improved decision-making and problem-solving. If your audience is multilingual and your outreach material isn't, you're missing out on a big opportunity for program growth.

Let Us Help!

Whether you're looking for print formats or a mobile solution, investing in our reliable outreach products will help you deliver the information and tools your people need, in the language they need it in. We currently offer material in several different languages, but if we don't currently have the language you're looking for, let us create it for you! Looking to personalize a QuickSeries® format or have a question about our multilingual products? Contact an Account Manager today!