Support Your Military Family with the EFMP FNA

Support Your Military Family With The EFMP FNA
For families with members who have specific medical or educational needs, the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) is a valuable asset. It works to connect you and your Exceptional Family Member (EFM) with the special therapy, training, counseling or education they need in your area. When a Service member with an EFM is scheduled for a permanent change of station (PCS), however, new resources have to be found. In early 2019, to better support military families with EFMs, EFMP Family Support released a standardized planning tool for use across all branches of service: the EFMP Family Needs Assessment (EFMP FNA).

How the EFMP FNA Works

The EFMP FNA works to identify a military family's distinct needs, determine appropriate levels of support and help the family organize and prioritize actions to take. Through collaboration with EFMP Family Support, families receive focused, consistent support, no matter where their military service takes them. DD Form 3054 guides the EFMP FNA process and is made up of three components:
  1. The Family Needs Assessment: EMFP Support staff asks questions so they can understand your family's needs, organize your information and get context for services.
  2. The Family Services Plan: This portion outlines family goals and strengths and identifies strategies to help you meet specific needs.
  3. The Inter-Services Transfer Summary (ISTS): The ISTS allows for the losing and gaining EFMP Family Support offices to have an organized way of communicating as your family moves between installations.
The EFMP FNA provides enhanced support during major life changes, including PCS, EFMP enrollment, births or deaths and separation from the military. Based on the information gathered, EFMP Family Support staff will connect you with community and military resources that will enable your loved ones to get the care and support they need. You will also come away with a written plan that you can refer to whenever you have questions.
Ask your EFMP Family Support Office for a DD Form 3054 at any time. An EFMP Family Support provider completes the form in collaboration with the family. You may update DD Form 3054 anytime to reflect your family's changing needs.
To learn more about about the EFMP FNA and DD Form 3054, visit your local Military and Family Support Center. For more information on various military family support topics, browse the QuickSeries® library of guides, including Exceptional Family Member Program