To Connect with Millennials, Organizations Must Go Digital (And Here's How)

To Connect with Millennials, Organizations Must Go Digital (And Here's How)
Millennials, born between 1981 and 1996, are the first generation to grow up with cell phones, computers and Internet access. From reading the news online to calling friends and family, digital technology dramatically changed everyday life - both at home and at work.

Millennials at Work

Millennials are now the largest generation in the workforce (35%), and more are entering each year. So what does this mean for your organization? In a day and age where technology is a necessary part of life, organizations who want to reach the next generation of members must go digital. Most millennials who are working or looking for work:
  • Place significant value on workplace experience.
  • Expect company-provided technologies (e.g., wikis, blogs, video-on-demand).
  • Want open, two-way communication (kept in the loop).
  • Need quick and easy access to information.
  • Prefer electronic communication (e.g., email, instant messaging).
  • Enjoy interactive e-learning platforms.
  • Care about personal growth, promotion and constructive feedback.

Adjusting to the Generation

The attitudes listed above are what make digital technology so appealing to millennials. Tech-savvy and highly connected, they are used to having a wealth of information at their fingertips. Because of this, organizations need to adjust their outreach efforts and adapt to the changing digital landscape.

Although millennials have a close relationship with technology, digital outreach is essential for every generation – Baby Boomers and Gen Xers alike. With that being said, organizations should be mindful of generational differences and how they choose to interact with members.

A website and social media page may keep your company in the spotlight, but is it enough? If members need workplace safety training, is a printed document as effective as an electronic one? If an email is sent about an upcoming networking event, are you sure members will read it? Instead, make your organization stand out by engaging members in one digital platform. A user-friendly mobile app may be the solution you need to grow and connect with your members.

A Digital Solution

From up-to-date news to industry resources, a two-way communication platform that delivers valuable content right to your members is key to reaching millennials. Engage members with photos and videos, as well as publicize upcoming events, promotions and perks. Simply sign in to the portal and start adding your material. With a selection of eGuides, your members can access trusted information anywhere and at any time.

Bring Your Content to Life

Our app makes it easy to take your content to the next level. With the Authoring Tool, you can self-publish your content and instantly reach members with policy updates, surveys and up-to-date reports. The tool also makes it easy to transform new and existing documents into eDocs that are easy to read and pleasing to the eye. In a multigenerational workplace, a versatile and easy-to-use mobile app is everything your organization needs... and more! The QuickSeries® Membership Hub App System is the ideal digital solution to take your organization to the next level. Book a demo now!