Keep Your Community Safe and Informed with the QuickSeries® UNITE App

Keep Your Community Safe And Informed With The QuickSeries® UNITE Smartphone App Platform

When faced with an emergency or disaster, your citizens need crucial, and possibly life-saving, information and resources to keep themselves and their families safe. People might think they are ready for an emergency, but no one really knows until it hits and they can't find the right numbers, or don't have the needed supplies or haven't planned for a way to contact loved ones. The QuickSeries® UNITE app is built for budgets and communities of all sizes and incorporates a variety of versatile safety and preparedness tools. It's not a startling fact that people in general are never really out of arm's reach of their cell phones. Having a mobile solution in place that can broadcast alerts and act as a comprehensive, reliable reference tool goes a long way in keeping community members informed and organized when disaster strikes.

UNITE's safety-driven modules put crucial information at every resident's fingertips.

  • Make planning simple: Help community members shop for supplies and prepare go-bags with the Checklists module.
  • Build a complete knowledge library: Fill your app's Library modules with relevant electronic guides (the UNITE app comes preloaded with three eGuides of your choice), PDFs and videos. We also offer ready-to-launch content packages in a variety of topics, allowing you to provide app users with immediate disaster content.
  • Alert your people: Broadcast geo-targeted alerts and updates in languages your community needs using the Alerts module. A safety check feature prompts users to check in following an alert using a one-touch "I am safe" or "I need help" message.
  • Map routes, shelters and services: A Maps module provides your people with a mobile map and detailed information about their community and its current status. In an emergency, provide evacuation routes, shelter locations and services in real time to guide residents to safety. Update users instantly if a route becomes blocked or a shelter closes.
  • Promote proactive preparation: The Make Your Plan module enables the user to make plans for every person in their household. After entering your profile, plan specifics are automatically generated and displayed in three distinct sections: Prepare, Respond and Recover. Users can also upload essential documents and pictures for easy access and safekeeping.
  • Create and publish your own tailored content: With the Authoring Tool CMS, transform dry documents into visually-appealing texts that are easy for users to read and understand. The interface allows multiple contributors to collaborate and efficiently organize, update and publish digital files.

UNITE combines content and technology to help your people live healthier, safer lives every day – not just in an emergency.

In nonemergency times, use UNITE's versatile modules to deliver home maintenance tips, health and wellness resources, to build a product catalog – and much more. While UNITE functions as an emergency management tool, it can also benefit municipal Public Works and PR offices, serving as an interdepartmental asset and assisting with confident planning and organization. With a simple modular build and practical app functions, UNITE is easy to use and makes engaging content accessible to everyone. Contact us today to book a demo and see UNITE in action.