Military Saves Week is Now a Month Long!

Military Saves Week Is Now A Month Long!
Spread the word: Exciting news for all military personnel in your community! Military Saves Week that used to occur in February is now Military Saves Month and happens in April. Military Saves is a part of America Saves, the larger nationwide campaign for all Americans. Military Saves encourages Service members, their families and civilian employees to “Take the Military Saves Pledge,” which is a commitment to help save money, reduce debt and build wealth over time. Program Managers, like you, can help military members in your community keep good track of finances and learn to balance a budget. Building financial security is important for future events such as retirement, vacations, a child's college fund, a new car, a new baby or purchasing a bigger house. It's also important for life's little (or big) surprises, such as home and vehicle repairs, health-related expenses, and anything else that might come along.

Military Saves Month

During the month of April, military installations everywhere will be hosting financial planning events, fairs, seminars, classes and even one-on-one counseling. These events will include representatives from local financial institutions, military credit unions and organizations that aid in financial planning. Service members who take the pledge can receive a monthly e-newsletter or opt into savings text messages by texting MilitarySaves to 877877.

Saving Tips

A month of saving week by week:

  • Week 1: Save automatically
  • Week 2: Save for retirement
  • Week 3: Save for life’s unexpected events
  • Week 4: Save with a plan
  • Week 5: Save by paying down debt

Ideas for saving:

  • Save a portion of each paycheck
  • Develop a personal financial plan
  • Establish good credit
  • Enroll in programs such as a thrift savings plan, savings deposit program or Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance

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Stay tuned! In April we will be publishing five blogs addressing the important savings issues Military Saves Month is spotlighting.