Military Family Support Programs

Military Family Support Programs
Military family support programs are integral to the lives of many military families. Service members’ loved ones need the proper support networks and access to vital information to assist them with some of the more challenging aspects of the military lifestyle. From housing and education programs to health insurance and unemployment benefits, there are numerous military family support programs available to help families successfully master any hardships. Provide your military families with all the information on benefits, entitlements, programs and services they are qualified for. Your assistance can help ease any difficulties these families may face.

Finding Military Family Support Programs

While there are too many programs and services to mention, the following selection of resources can be useful to all Service members and their families.

Military OneSource

Military OneSource supplements existing family programs by providing a 24-hour, seven-days-a-week toll-free information and referral line and web service to active duty, National Guard, Reserve Soldiers, deployed civilians and their families worldwide. It provides information ranging from everyday concerns to deployment and reunion issues. It also provides access to free financial tools, services and resources, such as information on military pay, allowances, benefits and entitlements. Visit their contact page to learn how to call from outside the U.S. or from your computer.

Family Readiness System

The Family Readiness System promotes the quality of life of Service members and their families. The following services are available through the Military and Family Support Center: mobility and deployment assistance; relocation assistance; personal financial management; spouse education and career services; family life education; emergency family assistance; domestic/child abuse prevention and response service; new parent support; Exceptional Family Member Program support; non-medical individual and family counseling; transition assistance; information and referrals. Find your local installation's Military and Family Support Center by visiting MilitaryINSTALLATIONS.

Education Benefits

The military offers many educational benefits to Service members and their families. From financial aid to loan repayment programs, military families have many ways to afford an education. Visit the U.S. Department of Education for more information.

National Resource Directory

The National Resource Directory connects Service members, Veterans and their families with local support, including help with job searching, health issues, homelessness, housing and caregiver support.

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