How to Reach and Engage Millennial Employees

How To Reach And Engage Millennial Employees
Millennials are the first generation to grow up with smartphones, laptops and Internet access. From reading the news online to emailing colleagues, technology dramatically changed the way Millennials live their everyday life, both at home and work.

Understanding Millennial Employees

Millennials have different work expectations than Baby Boomers and Gen Xers. Today, most Millennials who are working or looking for work:
  • Have a smartphone and use the Internet.
  • Prefer communicating electronically (e.g., email, instant messaging).
  • Enjoy interactive e-learning platforms.
  • Want quick and easy access to information.
  • Expect company-provided technologies (e.g., wikis, blogs, video-on-demand).
  • Want open and frequent communication.
The attitudes listed above are what make workplace technologies so appealing to Millennials. Tech-savvy and highly connected, Millennials are used to having a wealth of information at their fingertips. As a result, organizations must adjust their outreach efforts in order to reach and engage millennial talent.

A Mobile Solution

A user-friendly mobile app may be the solution your organization needs. The QuickSeries® Resource App is specifically designed for organizations to interact with employees. The app provides a two-way communication platform that delivers valuable content right to the employees who need it. Its innovative design keeps employees connected and well-engaged, and allows them access to vital information anytime, anywhere. The app's interface makes it simple to:
  • Create a communication channel that is easy to use.
  • Help employees feel connected to your organization.
  • Organize and update the app at any time.
  • Ease your workload by instantly addressing all employees at once.
  • Improve employee engagement and retention.
  • Offer a digital journey as employees join your organization.
Although Millennials have a close relationship with technology, digital outreach is essential for every generation – Baby Boomers and Gen Xers alike. With that being said, organizations should be mindful of generational differences and how they choose to interact with employees.

A Growing List of Features

With a growing list of features, you can combine the following modules to create a unique app system for employees:
  • Reporting and Forms: Gather employee feedback or confidential reports that are delivered directly to your portal.
  • Assessments: Offer questionnaires, tests or assessments in order to evaluate employee knowledge on a specific topic or issue.
  • eGuide Library: Store program-specific information in your personal eGuide library. QuickSeries® can create custom eGuides for you or you may create and publish your own with the user-friendly Authoring Tool.
  • News: Send push notifications with the latest news to your employees all at once.
  • Events Calendar: Keep employees in the loop with alerts for upcoming events, conferences or webinars.
  • Personal Libraries: Create a library of PDFs and/or videos with need-to-know information.
The QuickSeries® Resource App is the ideal digital solution to take your organization to the next level. Book a demo now!