Community Diabetes Awareness with QuickSeries and the American Diabetes Association

Community Diabetes Awareness with QuickSeries and the American Diabetes Association
For nearly two years QuickSeries® has partnered with the American Diabetes Association (ADA) to bring readers the most current and relevant diabetes information. ADA and QuickSeries® are a perfect pairing as we share the same mission: to prevent diabetes and improve the lives of all those affected by it. QuickSeries® and ADA have collaborated on a series of four publications, each targeting a specific audience: those who are currently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and those at risk of developing the disease. Supplemented by our “A Healthy You” series of outreach products, our partnership helps your diabetes program capture the attention of the whole community and allows your message of diabetes awareness to reach everyone.

Prevent, Manage and Live Healthy with Type 2 Diabetes

Our ADA licensed products are aimed at guiding your community members through all the milestones of being diagnosed with diabetes, specifically:

1. Prevention.

Help patients take charge of their health! Provide ADA-supported advice on making healthy lifestyle changes to prevent diabetes before it happens.

2. Management.

Educate your community on the serious health risks posed by diabetes by giving them access to ADA-endorsed information so they can take charge of their health.

3. Healthy Living.

QuickSeries® and ADA help everyone take the first step in diabetes management by educating communities on how to keep the disease in check. For more information on the diabetes products available to purchase for your community, browse the QuickSeries® library of guides, including Prediabetes - Are You at Risk?,  Healthy Living with Type 2 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes: Recently Diagnosed and Type 2 Diabetes: Managing Complications – all officially licensed by the American Diabetes Association.