How to Communicate with Millennial Service Members

How To Communicate With Millennial Service Members
Millennials are the largest generation in the U.S. labor force, and more are entering each year. As businesses change the way they connect and communicate with this generation, so must the military.

How to Communicate with Millennial Service Members

Millennial Service members experience unique challenges compared to civilian life, from the mental and physical effects of combat to transitions of deployment. Because of this, they need access to specific information in order to thrive in their military life. However, with the wealth of information on base, it can be tough to pinpoint and deliver the precise information millennial Service members want and need. Since most millennials' primary method of communication is the Internet, a QuickSeries® Resource App is the ideal way to connect and communicate with Service members so you can continue to build a strong military for the future.

A Mobile Solution

With the QuickSeries® Resource App, you can deliver valuable information directly to the people who need it, when they need it. The easy-to-use interface makes it simple to:
  • Organize and update the app at any time.
  • Add all of the information and support your installation provides.
  • Apply your branch’s seal and colors to keep your mission top-of-mind.
  • Build contact lists, product catalogs, resource networks and training libraries.
  • Design interactive forms, checklists and assessments to stay in touch with your users.
  • Send news, alerts and updates in real time.
Although apps can connect you to millennials, it should not be the only method of communication. You must always make room for personal interaction.

Mix and Match Modules

With a growing selection of features, you can mix and match modules to create a unique app system:
  • Alerts and Safety Check: Alert Service members to imminent or ongoing threats as well as track personal safety. Service members can convey their status immediately with either an "I'm safe" or "I need help" message.
  • eGuide Library and Resources: Store program-specific information in your personal eGuide library. QuickSeries® can create custom eGuides for you or you may create and publish your own with a user-friendly Authoring Tool.
  • Forms and Reporting: Create digital forms and reports for situations that can arise (e.g., equal opportunity). Electronic reporting allows for anonymous submission to protect the victim(s) and/or bystander(s) involved.
  • Assessments: Offer questionnaires, tests or assessments where Service members can evaluate their knowledge on a specific topic or issue.
For more information on the QuickSeries® Resource App, visit: Enrich Service members' lives by putting the information they need at their fingertips. Book a demo now!