The Benefits of a Custom Outreach Program

The Benefits Of A Custom Outreach Program showing custom formats

As Content Creators, we understand that developing the right material for audiences whether it be policies,  health and safety procedures or topics specific to a community's interests – can be a daunting task. This is why, for the past 30 years, QuickSeries' full team of editors and designers have helped thousands of program managers and community leaders communicate vital information in a clear, concise and captivating way. In helping you develop your custom outreach program, we research the subject matter, synthesize it in a language suitable for the intended demographic, and deliver it in one of our unique formats that guarantees successful reach, comprehension and usage. Our cohesive 360-degree delivery approach ensures that the appropriate format is available for your needs. Whether it's one of our many print or mobile solutions or a combination of both, we have the perfect platform to best represent your message and your organization while gaining maximum attention.

Custom Outreach Options

Whether you’re eyeing our functional pamphlets or prefer the discreetness of a foldable wallet card, we offer customization options for every format that appeal to different clients’ needs: 1. Apply your own logo and/or branding to our content Add your own colors, logo, emblem and imagery to any custom outreach product. By pairing your branding with our credible, informative content, you are showing your community that you have created a unique product just for them. Furthermore, including your address and contact information is a great personal touch that invites your audience to reach out, ask questions and stay attentive. 2. Add your content to one of our formats First, choose one of our outreach formats (e.g., wallet card, pocket card, magnet, folder, trifold). Then, create a targeted message that speaks to your community or specific demographic(s). Tailoring your message in a way that directly addresses your community creates a level of personalization that keeps readers interested, engaged and responsive. The end result will be exactly what you’re hoping for: your vital message delivered in a clear way to a wide, receptive audience. 3. Combine our custom content with your branding Don’t have your own content? No problem! Let us write it for you. Our team of professional writers and editors will research, edit and publish your custom outreach product, while choosing the best format that accurately reflects your important messaging. Creating your very own custom product(s) guarantees the consistency of your message and, in return, that message is properly communicated to your target audience.

Is a custom outreach program right for you?

No one knows your audience as well as you. While QuickSeries can help you deliver your message, you are the only one who can take that extra step to ensure your message fully penetrates your community. Whether you choose to simply add your contact information to an existing format or create something new with customized content, the outcome will be a unique product that connects with your community on a personal level. So, if you have a document you would like adapted into one of our print or mobile formats or aren't really sure where to start, reach out to one of our Account Managers today. They will guide you through the simple creation process and - with the assistance of our experienced editors - will help you develop the perfect platform for your messaging, making sure we get your approval every step of the way. Start customizing your outreach program today! Contact us for more information.