Apprehensive about Apps? QuickSeries Makes It Simple.

Apprehensive About Apps? QuickSeries Makes It Simple.

When it comes to delivering your program's message, there are a few crucial questions you need to ask yourself. Are your current outreach methods giving you the results you want? Are you reaching your intended audience in the way that works best for them? While traditional outreach methods are often tried and true, are they effective for your organization at the present moment? Will a mobile solution help you reach your goals?

What can a mobile app do for your message?

Content is consumed very differently now; information can be accessed in a matter of moments with a few quick clicks or taps. Where posters and pamphlets may have worked previously, they may not be speaking to younger generations or capable of reaching a wider audience quickly. Mobile devices and apps are an immense part of today’s culture, with people of all ages reaching for their phones several times daily to accomplish even the most basic of tasks: checking local weather, reading the news, tracking health details, ordering lunch, banking, paying for parking, etc. Adapting your outreach strategy to include a digital component will help you increase your reach and transform how you connect with your community. Furthermore, it’s a cost-effective and easy way to scale your outreach program to fit your organization’s future needs. While there a number of reasons to consider an app, there are also some potential roadblocks. Developing an app can be costly and time consuming, and it presents a need to hire personnel with the proper technical skills and know-how. Then there's extensive testing, marketing, analytics, and the demand for a constant supply of fresh content to keep your app relevant and engaging to users. Sounds a bit daunting, doesn't it? That's where we come in.

What makes our app technology different?

While many software developers fixate on being “cutting edge” or “state-of-the-art,” QuickSeries technology focuses on reliability and accessibility. We’ve built a simple, modular app architecture and employ practical, straightforward functions that answer the distinct needs of our clients.

The system consists of two parts: the app itself and the web-based administrative portal. The app offers 15+ robust modules that will give you the ability to put crucial guidance, services and content right at your users' fingertips at home, in the workplace, at school or in the field.

Furthermore, our technology is and will always be built with content in mind. With a vast library of informative eGuides, blog posts and infographics as well as ready-to-launch Content Packages, QuickSeries will help you fill your app with the information and resources your people need. For more hands-on organizations, the included Authoring Tool CMS will prove invaluable in helping you to create your own dynamic material, such as community news posts, public service announcements, how-to documents and more. For an in-depth breakdown of each app module, visit our website.

Explore QuickSeries' topic-focused apps:

Aside from creating apps for all types of facilities and communities, including state and Federal agencies, we have also built three distinct topic-focused apps for different types of organizations:


A community-based app, UNITE does what its name suggests; it brings people together. In an emergency, UNITE can offer up-to-the-minute advice, alerts, statuses of emergency services and contact information. In non-emergency times, UNITE functions as a go-to resource for community members, displaying construction zones, offering location-specific services and providing information and eGuides on preparedness, wellness and safety topics.


Geared toward businesses and facility owners, OccupantGUARD serves as a mobile occupant emergency plan. With modules that focus on safety, preparation and communication, it helps to keep staff informed before, during and after an emergency. Highlights include a Forms & Reporting module to collect data, a Make Your Plan module that motivates staff to prepare themselves and their families for all types of incidents, as well as an Alerts and Safety Check function designed to keep the lines of communication open during an emergency.


MembershipHUB was designed for Professional Trade Associations (PTA) and their members and works as a valuable resource for connecting with the new labor force. A powerful communication and marketing tool, its modules can be used to foster member engagement and retention, communicate official policies and memos, generate revenue, advertise new products/services and more. Take your message to the next level with a QuickSeries mobile app. Contact one of our account managers to book a demo now.