A user-friendly app for effortless member engagement.

Efficiently handle the needs of your association, such as boosting membership, generating revenue, and fostering connections with a diverse workforce.

Be The Voice of Your Industry

Offer market intelligence, direct connections, and valuable resources.

MembershipHUB connects you directly with your audience by creating a communication channel designed for your new and diverse labor force. Encourage interaction between executives, members, and peers to foster a sense of community and collaboration. Give your members an edge with added-value features such as up-to-the-minute details on events and conferences, and members-only perks to provide them with valuable resources and opportunities to stay ahead in the industry.

Trusted by government agencies, military organizations, and top enterprises across all industries

Streamline, Connect, and Grow

Become the resource hub, putting industry information at members' fingertips.

Offer a digital journey as members engage with your association. Address the needs of both association members and administrators simultaneously. Use MembershipHUB to harmonize marketing and communication efforts and provide networking opportunities to strengthen relationships within the industry.

A Seamless Digital Journey

An app platform for members to learn, grow, and engage with industry-related content.

Tailored Member Solutions

Use Workspaces for personalized experiences for each member - all in one place.

Membership Promotions

With a dedicated promotional space, generate non-dues revenue with exclusive third-party offers.

Bring Documents to Life

The included Authoring Tool CMS helps you create or transform existing documents into engaging eGuides.

Restrict/Grant User Access

MembershipHUB will only be accessible by association members through User Registration.

Provide a Rich Membership Library

Create an extensive library with informative eGuides, videos, PDFs, and association documents.

Everywhere All at Once

Reach every location with one download.

Users can access regional, departmental, or team-focused content in personalized Workspaces in the OccupantGUARD app.

  • Address users by publishing content globally to all Workspaces.
  • Grant access to administrators to publish content to individual Workspaces.
  • Users subscribe to relevant content based on their current locations.
  • Users can toggle between their subscribed Workspaces, quickly changing the app experience.
A screenshot of the browser-based administrative portal that comes with the UNITE smartphone app. It shows the Florida Emergency Preparedness app options available to the user with multiple workspaces.

Let Your Creativity Run Wild

Turn dull documents into interactive eGuides using the built-in Authoring Tool CMS.

With our Authoring Tool CMS, we empower our clients to unleash their creativity and craft mobile content that captivates their users. Whether you want to create new eGuides from scratch or revamp existing documents, our intuitive tool makes it easy to design visually stunning material that engages your audience.

A generic word document with no visual or interactive elements about what to do after a disaster and a screenshot in a smartphone of the QuickSeries eGuide titled resilience after disaster. It shows in-depth knowledge with a visually interesting layout and interactive menus.

All You Need is a Little Push

Harness the power of push notifications.

Keep users engaged with the app, reduce churn, and drive conversions through targeted and time-sensitive messages. Push notifications can increase brand visibility as they allow businesses and programs to effectively communicate important messages directly to users in real time.

Alerts & Safety Check

Keep your users informed and ready with real-time alerts and practice drills, all delivered through push notifications.

Geo-based Notifications

Our push notifications are all about reaching the right people at the right place. With our geo-based capabilities, you can ensure your message is delivered to those that need it most, wherever they may be.
An apple smartphone with multiple push notifications standing out. They are alerting the owner to various emergencies from San Bernadino county, Ready Frankfort and Ready Maricopa

Zero-Trust Authentication

Manage access with QuickConnect, SAML, OpenID, and Google Workspace.

QuickConnect offers a built-in user management feature with multi-factor authentication using an SMS verification code or a one-time password (OTP) from a configured authenticator app.

And for clients with high security standards, QuickConnect also supports out-of-the-box, zero-trust authentication through SAML, OpenID, and Google Workspace.

The SAML, OpenID and Google Workspace logos with screenshots of the authentication page on mobile and desktop.

Integrate With Your Current Tools

Connect other systems to your app using our public Rest API.

Our API connection allows for greater integration and automation between all your systems, creating a bridge for your data management, and saving time and resources when publishing content.

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