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Whether you're looking to publish new material or transform existing documents, our intuitive Authoring Tool CMS allows you to effortlessly create visually stunning, interactive eGuides that will captivate your users.

The main screen of the custom published is your family prepared? eGuide detailing a family disaster plan. In the background is the image of the Authoring Tool CMS that is feature used to create the eGuide, the components wind is open showing all the elements that can be used in an eGuide

Content Is King

Fresh content is a key to success.

Make sure your app is always current using our Authoring Tool CMS. Spread your message loud and clear, incorporate regular updates, and keep your users coming back for more.

Fresh Content Regularly publishing new and relevant information can maintain user engagement and drive repeat visits.

User-Friendly Interface Our CMS was designed to help you create engaging and interactive eGuides with ease.

File Management Our file management system makes it simple to organize your eGuides, guiding you in the structuring of folders and files.

Team-Wide Collaboration Versioning lets you keep your drafts for review so you or other team members can update or add information.

Become a Publisher Guides offer a visually rich and highly interactive reading experience, immersing users in the content.

Update Your Existing Docs Easily transform outdated, static documents into dynamic and visually interesting eGuides.

Make Boring Content a Thing of the Past

Our eGuide features bring your content to life.

Our digital guides include visual elements to reduce mindless scrolling, and their straightforward design ensures users don't get lost in the technology. Additionally, our eGuides feature bundle codes that let you share private eGuides with specific users, making it easy to distribute the right information to the right people.

Table of Contents

Users can instantly jump to the information they want.


eGuides contain step-by-step lists so users can follow tasks and track progress.

Interactive Elements

Popups and dropdowns encourage users to engage with the content, not just read along.
A screenshot in a smartphone of the QuickSeries eGuide titled resilience after disaster. It shows in-depth knowledge with a visually interesting layout and interactive menus.


Users can bookmark important screens for quick reference.


Designed into the eGuide layout, QuickTips explain terminology and offer valuable tips.

Resource Links

eGuides include links to credible agencies, further delivering reliable guidance.

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