Fair and Ethical Employment Practices Belong in Every Organization

Fostering a fair and diverse workplace creates a dynamic, engaged and hardworking team. Encourage a respectful workplace in your organization by implementing ethical employment standards and instilling strong values of tolerance and acceptance in your staff.

Equal Opportunity Guidelines

  • Promote an equal opportunity workplace by becoming culturally aware and eliminating discrimination and harassment.
  • Know your rights to equal treatment as an employee; understand reasonable accommodation; and be aware of your reporting options.
  • Use checklists and resources to ensure your workplace fosters a fair, diverse work environment.

Cultural Awareness

  • Encourage employees to be open-minded and respectful of each other to cultivate inclusiveness and strengthen productivity.
  • Gain cultural awareness to better interact with coworkers and employees and to create a compassionate work environment.
  • Understand cultures and lifestyles of different groups – from Veterans to non-English-speaking individuals – and help foster a tolerant workplace.

Recruitment Standards

  • Build a diverse workforce by adopting various programs and initiatives that strengthen and improve hiring practices.
  • Understand workplace laws, inclusive outreach and inclusion strategies, and special authorities for Veterans.
  • Use valuable information and resources to strengthen your hiring or career-search strategies.

Workplace Ethics

  • Understand complicated ethics laws and regulations that apply to various Government employees, presented in a simplified “plain English” format.
  • Be informed of unique ethics prohibitions, travel regulations and strict gift guidelines.
  • Use clear and concise examples, checklists and resources to ensure your workplace follows standard ethics laws.

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