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  • School-age SicknessesSchool-age Sicknesses

    School-age Sicknesses

    School is a great place to learn, socialize and catch childhood diseases. Get the facts on the most common illnesses that affect school-age kids and how to deal with them.

    • How illnesses are spread
    • Common viruses and infections
    • Guide to rashes
    • Tips to stop the spread
  • DoD HFACS 7.0 ChecklistDoD HFACS 7.0 Checklist

    DoD HFACS 7.0 Checklist

    Human error remains the leading cause of Navy and Marine mishaps. Designed for Mishap Investigators, this guide helps them learn about the Human Factors Analysis and Classification System (HFACS), a tool that determines potential hazards and detects human error trends.

    • How It Works
    • Preconditions
    • Supervision
    • Organization influence
  • Secondhand DrinkingSecondhand Drinking

    Secondhand Drinking

    Millions of Americans are affected by secondhand drinking (SHD). This guide covers the causes and consequences of SHD, and proposes solutions, coping strategies and ways to heal.

    • SHD defined
    • Brain networks and their connection to SHD
    • Direct and indirect SHD
    • How to protect yourself from the impacts of SHD
  • VA Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood PartnershipsVA Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships

    VA Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships

    The VA Center for Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships (CFBNP) works with faith-based, nonprofit and community/neighborhood organizations to inform them of the programs and services VA has available for Veterans and their families. In this guide, you will learn about:

    • Ways of helping
    • Volunteering with VA
    • Veterans/Military Ministry
    • Resources
  • Sink All PuttsSink All Putts

    Sink All Putts

    When you have great drive and a better approach shot, nothing is more frustrating than losing par because of your putting. In this guide you can find the essential tips and techniques for you to improve one of golf's most important shots.

    • Mechanics of putting
    • Practice drills
    • Reading the greens
    • Long and short putts
  • Precision Short GamePrecision Short Game

    Precision Short Game

    This guide is filled with tips, drills and score-saving advice to improve your short game and lower your score in the shortest possible time.

    • Choosing your wedges
    • Chip it close every time
    • Control distance on pitch shots
    • Bunkers and other problem lies
  • Navy Command Pass Coordinator (CPC)Navy Command Pass Coordinator (CPC)

    Navy Command Pass Coordinator (CPC)

    • Healthy 10-minute LunchesHealthy 10-minute Lunches

      Healthy 10-minute Lunches

      Add flavor and variety to your lunch recipe repertoire with the healthy and easy-to-prepare dishes in this eGuide.

    • Coping with Fatigue for New ParentsCoping with Fatigue for New Parents

      Coping with Fatigue for New Parents

      What's a sleep-deprived parent to do?

      • This eGuide provides tips and solutions to help you and your partner get enough sleep and cope with the fatigue of new parenthood.
    • Smart Riding for Military PersonnelSmart Riding for Military Personnel

      Smart Riding for Military Personnel

      This guide provides all Service members with practical information on becoming smart riders and helps increase their chances of avoiding injury or death.

      • Key statistics on motorcycle injuries
      • Why you need training
      • Defensive riding essential skills
      • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
    • Quick Chicken ChoicesQuick Chicken Choices

      Quick Chicken Choices

      Chicken dishes are popular all over the world. From curries to pastas and burgers, chicken is an international hit. It is easy to prepare, spice and flavor, and delicious, whether eaten hot or cold.

      • Chicken salads
      • Grilled chicken
      • Chicken soup
      • International flavors
    • Crisis Intervention and Recovering from Traumatic StressCrisis Intervention and Recovering from Traumatic Stress

      Crisis Intervention and Recovering from Traumatic Stress

      This eGuide was developed as a reference tool for wildland fire community members experiencing the symptoms of a traumatic stress reaction. It can help you develop a working strategy for managing traumatic stress.

      • The symptoms of critical incident stress
      • Mindfulness, active coping and anger management
      • Crisis intervention and communication
      • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
    • Long, Straight DrivesLong, Straight Drives

      Long, Straight Drives

      Filled with drills and power-generating advice, this guide can help you to knock strokes off your score by giving tips and techniques for longer and straighter drives.

      • Choosing your driver
      • Curing your slice or your hook
      • Fundamentals of setup
      • Improving accuracy
    • 275 Simple Golf Tips275 Simple Golf Tips

      275 Simple Golf Tips

      From tee to green and in between, "Golf Tips" is the perfect guide for new golfers. Learn how to manage your game, from stance and grip, to club selection and etiquette. An excellent companion for the golf course or practice range.

      • Basic positioning
      • Hazards
      • Special shots
      • Pitching and chipping
    • Know-It-All Golf RulesKnow-It-All Golf Rules

      Know-It-All Golf Rules

      Learn the rules of golf in 20 minutes! This detailed, concise guide covers the most common situations encountered on every part of the course. Increase your knowledge (and settle arguments) with our "Golf Rules" guide.

      • Hazards and obstructions
      • Putting green
      • Pace and etiquette
      • Definitions
    • Fun and Fresh Side GamesFun and Fresh Side Games

      Fun and Fresh Side Games

      Golf is known as an emotional game of skill and concentration - but that doesn't mean you can't have fun. 'Golf Games' was created to spice up your round of golf, offering individual, team and tournament games. Enjoy!

      • Game basics
      • Calculating point games
      • Tournament games
      • Fun games
    • Suicide Attack Preparedness for First RespondersSuicide Attack Preparedness for First Responders

      Suicide Attack Preparedness for First Responders

      As the number of suicide bombings in the U.S. grows, first responders must be prepared. This detailed guide helps first responders defeat, mitigate and recover from suicide attacks.

      • Identifying bombers
      • Understanding explosives
      • Interdicting suspected bombers
      • Containing and managing the scene
    • Hospital ICS (HICS)Hospital ICS (HICS)

      Hospital ICS (HICS)

      Be prepared! Understand the concepts of the Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) for your hospital to be ready to respond to any large- and small-scale emergency situations.

      • HICS Organizational Charts
      • HICS Tools
      • Incident Action Planning
    • Earthquake PreparednessEarthquake Preparedness

      Earthquake Preparedness

      An earthquake can strike quickly and with little or no warning. This guide offers emergency plans for protecting yourself and your loved ones before, during and after an earthquake.

      • Earthquake hazards
      • Disaster supply kit
      • Mental effects
    • Spiritual WellnessSpiritual Wellness

      Spiritual Wellness

      Spirituality is an important part of your total wellness. This guide helps you to understand and explore the spiritual side of your life as part of a total well-being package.

      • Four dimensions of total well-being
      • How to develop spiritual wellness
      • 13 C's of spiritual wellness
      • Key concepts of spiritual well-being
    • Stress Control and ResilienceStress Control and Resilience

      Stress Control and Resilience

      This guide was developed as a quick reference tool for wildland fire community members to develop stress-control skills and resilience. It can also be used to help coworkers overcome difficulties that could potentially become disabling.

      • Resilience and fatigue
      • Nutrition and total well-being
      • Stress control
    • Your Personal Wellness CoachYour Personal Wellness Coach

      Your Personal Wellness Coach

      Let this eGuide be your personal coach. Enhance your overall fitness, endurance and quality of life. Increase your fitness level. Eat nutritiously. Learn how to manage your stress. Changing your behavior may even help you quit smoking!

      • Motivational tips
      • SMART Goals
      • Strategies for success
      • Five stages of change
    • Aerobic TrainingAerobic Training

      Aerobic Training

      Many Americans find it difficult to build regular exercise into their daily lives. Use this eGuide to discover how easy it can be to exercise in your own way and improve your health in the process.

      • Assess your readiness to exercise
      • Build a program that suits you
      • Monitor your fitness progression
      • Stay motivated!
    • NATIONAL PARK SERVICE - Occupational SafetyNATIONAL PARK SERVICE - Occupational Safety

      NATIONAL PARK SERVICE - Occupational Safety

      Every National Park Service (NPS) supervisor, employee and volunteer is responsible for following safe work practices and procedures, and identifying and reporting unsafe conditions. This guide is intended to provide assistance in carrying out those responsibilities and includes:

      • Field injury prevention and first aid information
      • Procedures for:
      • Working in confined spaces
      • Operating heavy equipment, machines and tools, motor and off-highway vehicles