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  • USAF - Equal OpportunityUSAF - Equal Opportunity

    USAF - Equal Opportunity

    The Air Force wants to protect you from unlawful discrimination and sexual harassment. Learn about its Zero Tolerance policy and what steps are taken to ensure the safety and mutual respect of all Wingmen.

    • Unlawful discrimination and harassment defined
    • Understand the EO complaint process
    • Frequently asked question
  • Improve Your Emotional Wellness at WorkImprove Your Emotional Wellness at Work

    Improve Your Emotional Wellness at Work

    This guide will help employees understand, manage and incorporate emotional well-being into their professional and personal lives.

    • What is workplace wellness?
    • What is emotional well-being?
    • Personal assessment
    • Tips and tools to improve your well-being
  • Military Payday: Income and Entitlements Military Payday: Income and Entitlements

    Military Payday: Income and Entitlements

    Are you receiving the pay you're entitled to? Get an overview of the military's extensive system of pays and allowances in this comprehensive guide.

    • Pay and allowances
    • Allotments
    • Deductions
    • Helpful resources
  • Stress Management for Emergency PersonnelStress Management for Emergency Personnel

    Stress Management for Emergency Personnel

    Don't let stress take over your life. Law enforcement and emergency personnel can learn basic tips to recover from the stressful situations they face and to cope with stress on a daily basis.

    • Nature of stress
    • Normal and destructive stress
    • False stress cures
    • Stress survival skills
  • ICS CanadaICS Canada

    ICS Canada

    Be prepared! This guide describes the Incident Command System (ICS), which is a standardized management tool for meeting the demands of small or large emergency situations. It is a key feature of the National Incident Management System (NIMS)

    • ICS organizational chart
    • Checklists of responsibilities for key positions
    • Facilities and locations
    • Planning process
  • Breaking Free - Overcoming AnxietyBreaking Free - Overcoming Anxiety

    Breaking Free - Overcoming Anxiety

    Everyone experiences anxiety from time to time it's a fact of life. For some people, though, anxiety can become a serious problem.

    • Anxiety symptoms
    • Resilience & confidence
    • Coping techniques
    • Treatment options
  • Reunion and ReintegrationReunion and Reintegration

    Reunion and Reintegration

    The uncommon lifestyle that Soldiers experience during a deployment and the impact on them and their families makes a seamless transition to their old lifestyle an unreasonable expectation. This guide provides tips that can help strengthen the family unit.

    • Making your homecoming successful
    • How children may respond to your homecoming
    • Tips on overcoming communication challenges
  • NAVY - Pregnancy and ParenthoodNAVY - Pregnancy and Parenthood

    NAVY - Pregnancy and Parenthood

    This guide details the Navys Pregnancy and Parenthood Program. It is a complete and easy-to-use resource on this subject and is written specifically for Navy personnel and commanders.

    • Separation while pregnant
    • Assignment/operational deferment
    • Family Care Plan Checklist
    • Summary of official guidelines for commanders
  • Emerging Infectious DiseasesEmerging Infectious Diseases

    Emerging Infectious Diseases

    Learn how to spot the symptoms of today's most common emerging infectious diseases so you can stop the spread.

    • Overview of 12 emerging infectious diseases
    • Common infectious diseases in children
    • Useful prevention tips and resources
  • Army EDU Transition GuideArmy EDU Transition Guide

    Army EDU Transition Guide

    Returning to civilian life is a complex undertaking. In this guide, you'll find information on the many services and resources available to facilitate this transition.

    • Transition/Soldier Life Cycle
    • Transition Milestones
    • Retiree Services Office
    • VA Benefits
  • eUSAF Resilience in ActioneUSAF Resilience in Action

    eUSAF Resilience in Action

    This guide describes life-long resilience tools necessary to handle stress, identify potential problems and develop ways to prosper during times of great adversity.

    • Total well-being
    • What is family resilience?
    • Resilience skills in action
    • Local, crisis and other resources
  • Weight ManagementWeight Management

    Weight Management

    Control your weight safely and effectively. This guide offers practical suggestions and lifestyle strategies to effectively maintain and lose weight. Manage your cravings, survive restaurants, stay motivated and be healthy.

    • Understand your eating habits
    • Manage your cravings
    • Keeping the weight off
    • BMI Chart
  • Emerging Infectious Diseases - Threats & OutbreaksEmerging Infectious Diseases - Threats & Outbreaks

    Emerging Infectious Diseases - Threats & Outbreaks

    Learn how to spot the symptoms of today's most common emerging infectious diseases so you can stop the spread.

    • Overview of 12 emerging infectious diseases
    • Common infectious diseases in children
    • Useful prevention tips and resources
  • Fitness at your DeskFitness at your Desk

    Fitness at your Desk

    Because physical activity does not have to be structured, it can and should be performed throughout our daily lives. And, yes, this includes while we are at work!. This guide includes:

    • Proper posture at your desk
    • Muscle strengthening and flexibility tips
    • 19 exercises you can do at work
    • Healthy living tips
  • Finding a Job after Service: Your Next MissionFinding a Job after Service: Your Next Mission

    Finding a Job after Service: Your Next Mission

    Finding a new job is hard work. This guide presents a series of missions and challenges to help Service members and Veterans start their job search and keep it moving in the right direction.

    • Networking
    • Writing an effective resume
    • Interviewing essentials
    • Accepting and negotiating an offer
  • FHA LoansFHA Loans

    FHA Loans

    "FHA loans" are mortgages made by approved lenders and insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). FHA loans offer a variety of advantages over regular mortgages and they can help lower-income families and first-time homebuyers buy or build a home.

    • Qualifying for an FHA loan
    • Fees and costs of an FHA loan
    • Purchase loans
    • Rehabilitation loans
  • Emergency Preparedness for Service Members and FamiliesEmergency Preparedness for Service Members and Families

    Emergency Preparedness for Service Members and Families

    Preparing Service members to deal with disasters on base and while deployed allows them to carry on with their missions without distraction.

    • Accountability and Assessment Systems
    • Mass Warning and Notification Systems
    • Emergency Family Plan and emergency Kits
    • Tips for Abroad Families and Deployed Service Members
  • Grieving GuideGrieving Guide

    Grieving Guide

    Navigating through grief is filled with overwhelming emotions that are difficult to deal with. Use the information in this guide to help you in your grief journey.

    • Mourning styles and types of grief
    • Physical, emotional and mental reactions to loss
    • Helpful resources and support
  • USAF Fatigue ManagementUSAF Fatigue Management

    USAF Fatigue Management

    This eGuide gives Airmen tips to recognize and handle fatigue and get the amount of sleep they need. This will help them to be more productive and safe when performing a vital operational mission.

    • Are you at risk for fatigue?
    • Managing fatigue
    • Tips to handle unavoidable sleep loss
  • Managing Your StressManaging Your Stress

    Managing Your Stress

    The information and exercises in this eGuide will help you better understand stress and give you tips and tools to maintain a good balance of stress in your life. Learn about 10 important stress management methods that will improve your quality of life.

    • Relaxation through spiritual and physical exercise
    • Breathing techniques
    • Stress at work
  • Navy Command Pass Coordinator (CPC)Navy Command Pass Coordinator (CPC)

    Navy Command Pass Coordinator (CPC)

    • Healthy 10-minute LunchesHealthy 10-minute Lunches

      Healthy 10-minute Lunches

      Add flavor and variety to your lunch recipe repertoire with the healthy and easy-to-prepare dishes in this eGuide.

    • Coping with Fatigue for New ParentsCoping with Fatigue for New Parents

      Coping with Fatigue for New Parents

      What's a sleep-deprived parent to do?

      • This eGuide provides tips and solutions to help you and your partner get enough sleep and cope with the fatigue of new parenthood.
    • Smart Riding for Service Members and VeteransSmart Riding for Service Members and Veterans

      Smart Riding for Service Members and Veterans

      This guide provides all Service members with practical information on becoming smart riders and helps increase their chances of avoiding injury or death.

      • Key statistics on motorcycle injuries
      • Why you need training
      • Defensive riding essential skills
      • Personal protective equipment (PPE)