Core Systems

Along with content development, innovative delivery has always been at the base of who we are. We have grown our team to include app developers to build the most accessible, fully integrated and up-to-date app systems available on the market. The systems are created with core modules best suited for delivering your message, and that can be enhanced and tailored to meet your needs and budget. Plus, they come with relevant eGuides from our vast library of topics to keep your constituents informed and prepared.


EOC-ready All Hazards Preparedness App

Prepare, Coordinate and Make Your Community Resilient.

Our EOC-ready All Hazards Preparedness App allows Emergency Managers to coordinate and respond to their community’s needs before, during and after disasters, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, terrorist events and active shooters. Driven by the latest in mobile technology, our affordable and tailored EOC-ready app provides flexibility and control so you can quickly deliver information as the situation progresses, as well as keep your community aware of daily events and notices.

Emergency Managers can use our EOC-ready app to communicate with their emergency responders, CERT team members and community via their portal directly onto users’ mobile devices, advising them of emergency evacuation instructions, shelters, resources and reporting.

To learn more about EOC-ready by QuickSeries® or to schedule a demo, please click here.