Work Life & Safety

Work Life & Safety October 11, 2018

When the Trauma Takes Hold: Recognizing and Responding to Critical Incident Stress in First Responders

Erika S., Editor in Chief

Front-line emergency personnel experience many types of calls. Most are routine and usually not distressing, but some disturbing calls can be difficult to overcome and cause critical incident stress reactions. Critical incident stress (or traum...

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Work Life & Safety August 14, 2018

Talk It Out: How to Communicate with Coworkers

Maggie K., Senior Editor

The key to building a harmonious, civil workplace is employees and managers who do their part to avoid the common behaviors that create conflict amongst coworkers. They must be respectful, be open to others’ opinions and, above all, be good commun...

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Security & Preparedness, Work Life & Safety August 9, 2018

Safety in the Workplace: Setting the Stage for an Active Shooter Safety Plan That Works

Katherine E., Editor

Active shooter situations can happen anywhere, without warning and evolve quickly – the workplace is no exception. Preparing for an active shooter situation can help minimize injury and loss of life should this horrible event transpire. As a leade...

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Work Life & Safety June 5, 2018

Down with Discrimination: Fostering a Culture of LGBTQI Inclusion at Work

Katherine E., Editor

Everyone deserves to work in an environment that feels safe, where they can take pride in what they do and trust the coworkers and leaders they work with. Despite the inclusion of LGBTQI rights in the workplace by many organizations, discriminatio...

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Work Life & Safety April 24, 2018

Stepping In to Stop Sexual Harassment: Nonviolent Intervention

Christina D., Senior Editor

Sexual harassment can happen in any area of a person’s life – in private, at school or at work. Women are more likely than men to be victims of sexual harassment, but it can happen to anyone. Everyone has the ability and responsibility to help ...

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Work Life & Safety November 23, 2017

Don't Turn a Blind Eye to Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Katherine E., Editor

At work, all employees should feel safe and are entitled to pursue their duties in a respectful environment. It’s a given that sexual assault is unacceptable, destructive and illegal. And yet, at alarming rates, news headlines and widespread repor...

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