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  • USAF - Equal OpportunityUSAF - Equal Opportunity

    USAF - Equal Opportunity

    The Air Force wants to protect you from unlawful discrimination and sexual harassment. Learn about its Zero Tolerance policy and what steps are taken to ensure the safety and mutual respect of all Wingmen.

    • Unlawful discrimination and harassment defined
    • Understand the EO complaint process
    • Frequently asked question
  • Military Payday: Income and Entitlements Military Payday: Income and Entitlements

    Military Payday: Income and Entitlements

    Are you receiving the pay you're entitled to? Get an overview of the military's extensive system of pays and allowances in this comprehensive guide.

    • Pay and allowances
    • Allotments
    • Deductions
    • Helpful resources
  • Finding a Job after Service: Your Next MissionFinding a Job after Service: Your Next Mission

    Finding a Job after Service: Your Next Mission

    Finding a new job is hard work. This guide presents a series of missions and challenges to help Service members and Veterans start their job search and keep it moving in the right direction.

    • Networking
    • Writing an effective resume
    • Interviewing essentials
    • Accepting and negotiating an offer
  • Emergency Preparedness for Service Members and FamiliesEmergency Preparedness for Service Members and Families

    Emergency Preparedness for Service Members and Families

    Preparing Service members to deal with disasters on base and while deployed allows them to carry on with their missions without distraction.

    • Accountability and Assessment Systems
    • Mass Warning and Notification Systems
    • Emergency Family Plan and emergency Kits
    • Tips for Abroad Families and Deployed Service Members
  • Drug Awareness for Service MembersDrug Awareness for Service Members

    Drug Awareness for Service Members

    This guide explains why people abuse drugs and provides up-to-date information on common drugs, consequences of drug use by Service members and tools and resources for self-help. Topics include:

    • Drug testing
    • Drug-associated risks
    • Stress and post-traumatic stress disorder
    • Personal strategies for prevention
  • Active Bystander Intervention for Service MembersActive Bystander Intervention for Service Members

    Active Bystander Intervention for Service Members

    Stop sexual harassment before it happens by becoming an active bystander. Use this guide to learn more about taking a stand against sexual violence.

    • Sexual assault and harassment
    • How to spot dangerous situations
    • Nonviolent intervention techniques
  • Military & Veteran CultureMilitary & Veteran Culture

    Military & Veteran Culture

    Many Veterans feel that civilians don't understand them or their experiences in the military. This guide can help anyone who works with the military and Veterans understand what Service members go through, from enlisting to separation.

    • Tips for being military-friendly
    • Joining the military
    • The five Service branches
  • Reunion and ReintegrationReunion and Reintegration

    Reunion and Reintegration

    The uncommon lifestyle that Soldiers experience during a deployment and the impact on them and their families makes a seamless transition to their old lifestyle an unreasonable expectation. This guide provides tips that can help strengthen the family unit.

    • Making your homecoming successful
    • How children may respond to your homecoming
    • Tips on overcoming communication challenges
  • USAF Fatigue ManagementUSAF Fatigue Management

    USAF Fatigue Management

    This eGuide gives Airmen tips to recognize and handle fatigue and get the amount of sleep they need. This will help them to be more productive and safe when performing a vital operational mission.

    • Are you at risk for fatigue?
    • Managing fatigue
    • Tips to handle unavoidable sleep loss
  • Managing Your StressManaging Your Stress

    Managing Your Stress

    The information and exercises in this eGuide will help you better understand stress and give you tips and tools to maintain a good balance of stress in your life. Learn about 10 important stress management methods that will improve your quality of life.

    • Relaxation through spiritual and physical exercise
    • Breathing techniques
    • Stress at work
  • Smart Riding for Service Members and VeteransSmart Riding for Service Members and Veterans

    Smart Riding for Service Members and Veterans

    This guide provides all Service members with practical information on becoming smart riders and helps increase their chances of avoiding injury or death.

    • Key statistics on motorcycle injuries
    • Why you need training
    • Defensive riding essential skills
    • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Earthquake PreparednessEarthquake Preparedness

    Earthquake Preparedness

    An earthquake can strike quickly and with little or no warning. This guide offers emergency plans for protecting yourself and your loved ones before, during and after an earthquake.

    • Earthquake hazards
    • Disaster supply kit
    • Mental effects
  • TRICARE - Your Military Health PlanTRICARE - Your Military Health Plan

    TRICARE - Your Military Health Plan

    Help your personnel better understand the benefits and regulations associated with the TRICARE program. This guide describes health care options for Service members and their families, including enrollment, eligibility, costs and more.

    • Health Care Plans
    • Dental Care Plans
    • Special Programs and Resources
  • Incident Command System (ICS)Incident Command System (ICS)

    Incident Command System (ICS)

    Be prepared! This guide describes the Incident Command System (ICS). ICS is a standardized management tool for meeting the demands of small or large emergency situations. It is a key feature of the National Incident Management System (NIMS).

    • TAPS - Education Support ServicesTAPS - Education Support Services

      TAPS - Education Support Services

      After losing a loved one, making decisions concerning the future of your family is difficult. Understand the type of education options and financial support available exclusively to survivors to help smooth the path to higher education.

      • Federal, state and community education benefits
      • Service-specific benefits
      • College advice for surviving spouses
    • TAPS - Children's Grief GuideTAPS - Children's Grief Guide

      TAPS - Children's Grief Guide

      The death of a family member will have a lifelong impact on children. This guide can help you understand how grief affects children, and offers ways to help children through the grieving process.

      • Challenges for Military Children
      • Coping Strategies
      • Talking to Children
    • VA Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood PartnershipsVA Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships

      VA Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships

      The VA Center for Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships (CFBNP) works with faith-based, nonprofit and community/neighborhood organizations to inform them of the programs and services VA has available for Veterans and their families. In this guide, you will learn about:

      • Ways of helping
      • Volunteering with VA
      • Veterans/Military Ministry
      • Resources
    • NAVY - Operational Risk ManagementNAVY - Operational Risk Management

      NAVY - Operational Risk Management

      As a leader, you are responsible for ensuring that proper procedures are in place for personnel to perform their tasks. Increase mission success with minimal losses by implementing Operational Risk Management and Time Critical Risk Management.

      • Risk-management levels
      • Crew Resource Management (CRM)
      • Time Critical Risk Managment (TCRM)
    • Your Personal Wellness CoachYour Personal Wellness Coach

      Your Personal Wellness Coach

      Let this eGuide be your personal coach. Enhance your overall fitness, endurance and quality of life. Increase your fitness level. Eat nutritiously. Learn how to manage your stress. Changing your behavior may even help you quit smoking!

      • Motivational tips
      • SMART Goals
      • Strategies for success
      • Five stages of change
    • Aerobic TrainingAerobic Training

      Aerobic Training

      Many Americans find it difficult to build regular exercise into their daily lives. Use this eGuide to discover how easy it can be to exercise in your own way and improve your health in the process.

      • Assess your readiness to exercise
      • Build a program that suits you
      • Monitor your fitness progression
      • Stay motivated!
    • Breastfeeding 101Breastfeeding 101

      Breastfeeding 101

      Breastfeeding is a special time of bonding between a mother and her child. This guide introduces new mothers to the benefits of breastfeeding, offers tips on facilitating the breastfeeding process, and answers important frequently asked questions.

      • Common breastfeeding problems
      • Benefits of breastfeeding and breast milk
      • Breastfeeding positions
    • VA - Foreign Medical Program HandbookVA - Foreign Medical Program Handbook

      VA - Foreign Medical Program Handbook

      If you are a VA-rated veteran with a service-connected disability and are living or traveling abroad, make sure you are getting the benefits you deserve! Read this guide to get all the details on this useful program.

      • FMP health benefits coverage
      • Selecting a health care provider
      • Claims and Appeals
    • Crisis InterventionCrisis Intervention

      Crisis Intervention

      Emergency personnel can now learn how to deal with people in a state of emotional turmoil, and help make a difference in how well a these people cope with crisis.

      • Gives the ability to be alert in crisis situation
      • Psychological response sequence
      • Crisis intervention protocols
      • Dealing with unusual and difficult situations
    • VA - MGIB Active DutyVA - MGIB Active Duty

      VA - MGIB Active Duty

      Get the education or training you've earned with the Montgomery GI Bill. Learn how you can benefit from this bill and get the career you want.

      • Qualification and requirements
      • Related benefits
      • Application process
      • VA contacts