Military Saves Month: How to Pay Down Your Debt

Military Saves Month: How To Pay Down Your Debt Infographic

Everyone incurs debt – some debt is good (like a mortgage) and some debt is bad (like a credit card balance). The military lifestyle can make staying out of debt a difficult task. With frequent deployments and (often) a single income, Service members and their families are at higher risk for financial and credit issues. The stress of these financial problems can have a significant impact on mission readiness. As a member of the military, you make many sacrifices, but your financial health should not be one of them. Take charge of your money today with some valuable tips on how to pay down your debt. 


Help Is Available

The Department of Defense (DoD) helps Service members and their families manage their money through financial information, training and counseling programs. If you need some help getting the debt-lowering process started, visit your installation Personal Financial Manager or contact a Military OneSource Financial Expert for free assistance. For more information on various financial topics, browse the QuickSeries® library of guides, including Becoming Debt-Free and Be Money Smart: Investment Planning for Your Future. Need a customized outreach product? Contact us now!