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Support Your Community's First Responders

First responders – police officers, emergency medical services personnel, firefighters, etc. – are pivotal elements of your community's safety. Provide your invaluable first responders with our series of on-the-job guides that help ensure their wellness and enhance response effectiveness.

Cultural Awareness

  • Promote cultural awareness in law enforcement officers with this library of translation guides.
  • Learn Spanish and Arabic key words, phrases and customs to communicate effectively with the diverse cultures in your community.
  • Practice pronunciations of hundreds of questions and phrases used daily.
  • Quickly search for translations of interview questions, arrest and control phrases, Miranda rights, and common greetings and expressions.

Law Enforcement Procedures

  • Help police officers refine their on-the-job expertise with the helpful information in these quick-reference guides.
  • Fine tune critical documentation, investigative and response skills.
  • Refresh your reporting strategies and interview techniques.
  • Apply relevant examples and use valuable resources to strengthen response strategies.

Stress Resilience

  • Support mental and emotional health in emergency and health care personnel so they can effectively perform their critical duties.
  • Employ useful techniques for developing stress-control skills and resilience.
  • Develop and practice coping strategies for dealing with and overcoming stressful situations and crises.
  • Use the information in these guides to help others in states of emotional turmoil better deal with stress.

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