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Home Life, Military Life June 14, 2018

Keep Outdoor Cooking Safe! Prevent Grilling Mishaps with These Backyard Barbecue Basics

Heather M., Editor

The delicious smell of grilling that wafts through the neighborhood is a true sign that summer has arrived. However, every year grills are responsible for numerous house fires, thousands of burn injuries and even some deaths. Something that’s s...

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Home Life, Security & Preparedness June 12, 2018

Double Duty: Disaster Prep Upgrades for the Best Return on Investment

Michele B., Senior Editor

Last year, 25 million Americans were affected by disaster. Inspire the citizens in your community to upgrade now to mitigate the effects that a natural disaster can have. At the same time, upgrades can increase curb appeal and energy efficiency. ...

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Home Life, Security & Preparedness June 7, 2018

Making Home Feel Like Home Again: Post-Disaster Return and Recovery

Julia S., Editor

Natural disasters often appear with little to no warning, and their presence is felt long after they’re over. They frequently leave behind devastating effects on communities, making recovery a gradual and challenging process. While returning home ...

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Home Life January 11, 2018

New Year, New Budget! 6 Tips for Spending Less & Saving More

Maggie K., Senior Editor

Ah, the New Year. A time to hope, dream and start fresh… with a new personal budget. As many recover from holiday (over)spending, and distant memories of shredding colored wrapping and gluttonous dinners fill the air, New Year’s resolutions about ...

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Home Life December 20, 2017

Ring in the New Year Right: 5 Key Steps to Becoming Debt-Free and Achieving Financial Freedom in 2018

Julia S., Editor

December is a great time for self-reflection. Many take this time to follow up with the New Year's resolutions they had made the year before, asking themselves if they accomplished what they had set their minds to. Getting out of debt is a reso...

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