Work Aids

Work Aids Enhance Service Member Performance on the Job

Convenient to carry and durable for conditions on the field, our pocket-sized work aids arm Service members with the vital information they require. These on-the-job guides give Service members the added backup and confidence they need to strengthen performance.

Cultural Field Guides

  • Promote cultural awareness and tolerance in Service members as they prepare for overseas missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Gain a thorough understanding of cultures, traditions and religions to enhance mission readiness and better interact with civilians.
  • Use helpful illustrations to identify common gestures used in Iraqi and Afghani society.
  • Practice pronunciations of important words and phrases used daily to communicate effectively with others.

Special Assignments

  • Understand the essential role you play in the military and your specific responsibilities to your fellow Service members.
  • Get specific information on the different qualifications, duties and procedures required of Lay Leaders, Command PASS Coordinators and Casualty Assistance Calls Officers.
  • Use the helpful checklists and resources as tools to guide you through your critical assignments.

USCG Work Aids

  • Take your pocket-sized guide on the job for quick and easy reference of relevant information.
  • Have the knowledge to better execute your duties by implementing your guide as a workplace “cheat sheet.”
  • Use valuable checklists, images and resources to help identify vessels and gear, follow procedures, prevent fatal mishaps and effectively perform your duties.

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