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The Quickseries Mobile® Reader is a free, sophisticated, and dedicated reader used to download, view, and interact with the entire QuickSeries® eGuide library quickly and seamlessly. When you download your QuickSeries® Reader you also have immediate access to a free sampling of QuickSeries® eGuides currently available for purchase. The Reader is quick to install and easy to use. Simply choose your device and click through to iTunes, Google Play™, or BlackBerry App World™ to download your Reader, and then open the User Guide to learn how to get started.

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Get your QuickSeries Mobile® Reader for Apple® iOS Devices (iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod Touch®):

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FAQ & Troubleshooting: eGuides

Q: What is a QuickSeries® eGuide?
  • An eGuide is how we've chosen to adapt our pocket guides into electronic form. While many companies have chosen to offer a pdf of their material for your Smartphone, we've instead chosen to build a fully functional QuickSeries® Reader that allows you to completely navigate throughout an eGuide or from one eGuide to another. The benefit of this is a fully interactive experience for your Smartphone!
Q: I would love to try it! How much does the Reader cost?
  • The QuickSeries® Reader is free to download onto your Smartphone. Individual eGuides can be purchased and are viewed and navigated with the Reader. And, we've designed it so you can download sample previews of certain eGuides before you buy them.
Q: Does the QuickSeries® eGuide Reader work for on all Smartphones?
  • We currently have readers available for Android Smartphones, iPhone and iPod Touch, and the Blackberry Torch.  You can see which formats we support by visiting our QuickSeries Mobile Reader download page.
Q: How can I view a QuickSeries® eGuide?
  • The QuickSeries® experience is best described by seeing an eGuide in action on your Smartphone. First download the free Reader and you can then preview a few sections of an eGuide before you buy. If you are acting on behalf of a governmental agency, a non-profit organization, or a company, please contact us to see if you qualify for a full free sample.
Q: How can I purchase a QuickSeries® eGuide?
  • You can purchase our available titles directly from our website. Please follow the directions on how to first download your free Reader. However, if you would like to inquire about volume or bulk pricing, please contact us for an official volume quote.
Q: Which QuickSeries® eGuides are currently available?
Q: Can I get an existing QuickSeries® pocket guide converted into an eGuide?
Q: How much space will the app and the eGuides take on my device?
  • To provide the best possible reading experience, QuickSeries® eGuides come in a format that is optimized to work with your screen. For screens that have higher resolutions (for example the iPhone retina display), our eGuide downloads may be as large as 50 MB per eGuide. For smaller resolution screens, the download file size can be as small as 15 MB
Q: Why don't you support searchable text within eGuides?
  • The editors at QuickSeries® put significant effort into making sure that a user can find information as efficiently as possible. Each eGuide contains an exhaustive index containing all the terms that a user may want to look up. For each indexed item, the editor has chosen one location in the eGuide that best describes or covers the indexed term. This is a feature unique to QuickSeries® that differentiates us from conventional systems where blind text-based searches produce numerous often irrelevant hits.
Q: I can't find preview functionality on my Blackberry?
  • We currently do not support previews on Blackberry.
Q: What about tablets - which ones do we support?
  • QuickSeries® does not make readers for tablet devices. QS Mobile is designed for use only on pocket-sized smartphone devices. There is one exception - QS mobile will run on an iPad device, but it has not been designed to fully utilize the features available on such a device.
Q: I have changed devices. How do I transfer my eGuides onto my new one?
  • You must have a record of the eGuides that were purchased on your previous device. If you attempt to re-purchase previously purchased eGuides, you will not be charged for these. Soon we will be including user registration functionality that will simplify this process further. If you have an Account ID that was used on a previous device, that were used to originally download eGuides to your old device. Send these AccountIDs to QuickSeries® through and we will re-activate the codes to permit another set of downloads. Please provide some details for how and when you obtained the Account IDs.
Q: What is QuickSeries Mobile®'s Privacy Policy?
  • It's quite simple. QuickSeries® does not collect, store, use, or divulge any personal information about our users or any devices they use. Read our full privacy policy here.

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