Make home safety a priority in your community

A person's home is their sanctuary – so give them the home safety guidance they need to feel secure where they live. Use our suite of products to enhance vital safety programs with essential at-home security strategies and resources.

Home Safety

  • Keep yourself and your family secure by learning the keys to staying safe at home – from avoiding electrical mishaps and preventing fires to properly handling hazardous materials.
  • Prevent dangerous daily accidents by following appropriate safety rules and procedures.
  • Learn and comply with essential fire safety and smoke alarm standards.
  • Apply important tips, checklists, charts and resources to ensure your family’s safety.

Personal Safety

  • Avoid being a victim of crime or fraud by taking key preventive measures.
  • Learn how to protect yourself, your family and your property from violent crime and theft.
  • Follow basic guidelines for keeping your home safe from theft, your children safe from online predators, and your identity safe from fraud and scams.
  • Use valuable checklists and resources to ensure your safety.

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