Fully Integrated App Solutions

QuickSeries® mobile app solutions are the ideal resource tools that are tailored to your community, facility or workplace. Our mobile innovation team includes developers, designers and content specialists who integrate vital and rich information into user-friendly systems. Our mobile app systems deliver the know-how families, residents and employees need for emergency and disaster preparedness, improving safety and security at home and at work, and achieving personal health and wellness.


Mobile Innovation Team

Using cutting edge technology, our mobile innovation team can provide the most user-friendly app systems available on the market.


Modular Construction

Our systems are made up of modules, giving you the freedom to choose the features that will meet your needs and budget.


eGuide Library

The foundation of all of our apps is our QuickSeries® eGuides. Select the titles relevant to your audience from our vast eGuide library.

Emergency Ready App Systems

Offer emergency managers the mobile tools they need to develop effective preparedness plans and procedures.

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Military Family Support App Systems

Military families need easy access to resources and programs that can help them thrive in military life.

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Wellness App Systems

From a mobile platform, empower others to live whole, healthy lives with vital wellness information and resources.

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School Safety App Systems

Through mobile support, help staff, students and parents can prepare to respond to any threat on school property and while you encourage them to create a safe school environment.

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Safe At Work App Systems

Eliminate workplace violence and promote employee safety with valuable resources and recommendations.

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Public Safety App Systems

Enhance safety efforts by educating all citizens to effectively prepare for, plan for and respond to any health threat or disaster.

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Human Resources App Systems

Give employees and managers easy access to resources and information that will help them create and contribute to a positive, thriving workplace.

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Create Your Own Topic

Creating responsible and engaging content is our business. Our subject matter experts can help you put together your very own collection of guides and outreach strategies in one turnkey content solution tailored to your needs.

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